Sit 'N Stay Pet Solutions was created out of a real love and passion for pets, and the understanding that pets should be treated like family, because they are family. Our motto is "happy pets, at home" and we believe that your dog or cat is most comfortable in their own environment while you're away at work or play. Please browse our services and contact us if Sit 'N Stay seems like a good fit for you and your furry family members.

Traveling can be stressful on you and your pet and we believe our furry friends are most comfortable in their own environment. Our pet sitting services are tailored by you in length and number of visits, keeping your pets on a similar daily routine as what they're used to while you're home.

Your pet is family. 

*NEW* House check-in
pet sitting
Dog walking

Perfect for holiday travel! Have peace of mind while you're away that your home is not sitting empty and dark day after day. Let us come in to grab your mail and packages, rotate lights for that lived-in look, and keep your plants looking lustrous and alive! 

**Please note: due to a reduced dog walking staff, Sit N Stay is not accepting new dog walking clients at this time. If you would like to add your name to our waitlist for future dog walking services, please send an email to Annie at

Sit 'N Stay Pet Solutions

Sit 'N Stay offers several dog walking and pet sitting services for your favorite canine companion(s). From a quick midday potty break in the backyard, to a fast-paced walk around the neighborhood, we'll make sure your dog gets a chance to stretch their legs, or keep them in great walking shape!