• ($20/visit): Keep your home looking lived in while you're away! 30 minute visits that include mail/package collection, light rotation, shade rotation, watering of plants/gardens, heat/air conditioning adjustments. 

Pet Taxi

Pet Sitting

  • (Starting at $20/pick up or drop off): Sometimes your pets need a trip to and from daycare, the vet, or the groomer while you're busy at work. We can take them for you! Rates are per trip, and may change depending on the distance driven and time needed for pick up/drop off.
  • Midday Potty Break ($12/visit): 10 to 12 minute visit, perfect to let your dog out to stretch their legs and get midday relief. An ideal service for young puppies, elderly dogs,  dogs recovering from surgery or illness, and dogs who can't or won't walk very long.

NEW! House Check-In

  • Cat Sit ($12/visit): 10 minute visit; includes feeding and refilling water, cleaning litter boxes, and lots of love (if your cat is social...we never push ourselves on cats who like to be left alone).

Overnight Pet Sitting

Note: ALL requests for visits, walks, or sits require a short (30 minutes or less) meet and greet before your departure date to go over details and make sure everyone is comfortable. 

Dog Walking

  • 20 minute dog visit ($15/visit): Perfect for those dogs who need to get a little exercise, but don't need a full walk!

Cat Sitting

  • ($75/night): A perfect pet sitting option for a pet who is used to cuddling up in bed with someone at night, pets who suffer from separation anxiety, or those pets who just need a lot of human interaction to stay happy. One of our sitters will stay overnight in your home for at least 9 hours. This pet sitting option also includes one mandatory afternoon/early evening visit or walk (included in the price).  **Please note** Overnight requests are subject to availability of sitters. Please give at least 3 weeks prior to your departure to request. Limited availability!
  • 30 minute dog visit ($20/visit): A longer walk, or longer play time in the yard. Ideal visit for more active dogs, or dogs who need to get a little more exercise during the day.
  • (Price varies): Tailored to you and your pet! One of our sitters comes to your home to care for your dog(s), following their routine for walks and feeding as closely as possible to the way it is when you're home. You choose the length of visits: potty break, 20, or 30 minutes. Please note: we require at LEAST two 20 minute visits per day, and at LEAST two visits each day you will be gone.


  1. HOLIDAY: An extra $5 will be charged on all major holidays, including; Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving
  2. LAST MINUTE REQUEST: An extra $5 charge will be applied to any last minute request for dog walking and/or pet sitting (12 hours or less notification).
  3. KEY PICK UP/RETURN: A $5 fee will be charged for key pick up or drop off. We are happy to keep your key in a safe, locked box (unmarked with any identification to you or your home), if you would prefer to leave one with us.
  4. FORGOT TO CANCEL: If you forget to cancel a visit and your walker or sitter comes to care for your pet, and they are not there, you will be charged the price of a full visit.